Keri Shay

Keri Shay, a freelance photographer specializing in travel photojournalism, food, wedding, and portrait photography, is from Chicago, IL and currently resides in San Francisco, CA. Her vocation has allotted her dozens of photo ventures across the globe, from Southeast Asia, Central America, Africa, and Europe to other various locales. These experiences, combined with a Bachelor of Arts degree in art and photography, have made Keri’s work highly sought after. A repeated recipient of awards for her photos, she has published works in brochures, newspapers, commercials, magazines, websites, and books. Those who know Keri well see her passion for exposing global needs, traveling abroad, and sharing the story of her subjects. She has worked with several different humanitarian organizations but works closest with The Salvation Army. Keri’s recent projects with the organization have sent her to post-tsunami Japan (Sendai), India, Eastern Europe, Africa and Pakistan. Photos taken on these trips are used to help raise funding for the people there and to spread awareness of their situations. Keri has a calling to use her photographic gifts to celebrate the dignity of people often forgotten and neglected.

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